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Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Education
Active Offer of French Language Health Services
Alteplase Training


Baxter IV Pump Training
Bed Safety Education
Blood Products Administration


CADD-Solis Pain Pumps
Canva Training
Client Safety Incident Report
CNO's Code of Conduct Declaration
Cough Assist/Non Invasive Vent Training
COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control
COVID-19 Surgical Masks and Cloth Face Coverings for Staff


Day of Awareness For Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls ad Two-Spirit People MMIWG2S+
Defibrillation Training for 2N & Float RN's
Disclosure Education Part 1
Disclosure Education Part 2
Disclosure Education Part 3
Driver Safety Training


ECG Training
eHealth Privacy & Security Training SJCG CON Clinical Viewer USERS
eHealth Privacy & Security Training SJCG CON Clinical Viewer SPONSOR
Ethics Service Overview


Feedback Database Training
Feeding Pump - Kangaroo ePump
Fire Safety and Emergency Codes


Globally Harmonized System (WHMIS)


H&S Internal Responsibility System
H&S Supervisor Awareness
H&S Workplace Inspections
Hand Hygiene & Routine Practices
Healthy Back General Body Mechanics


Implementers of Medical Directive: Administration of Nicotine Replacement Therapy
Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation
Interprofessional Orientation eLearning
IPAC Isolation Signage
IV Infusion Pumps


LEADS Framework for Leadership Development
LEADS the Way Lite
LTC Bill 140 and Regulation 79-10
LTC Carendo In-Service DVD
LTC Complaints and Customer Service
LTC Critical Incident Reporting
LTC Long-Term Care Homes Act Extendicare
LTC Skin and Wound Program for PSW Staff
LTC Skin and Wound Program for Registered Staff
LTC Activities of Daily Living
LTC Bed Rail Safety and Elimination - HRM
LTC Care Planning, Height & Weight Process and Safe Lifting with Care eLearning
LTC Continence Care Clinical
LTC Continence Champions
LTC Mental Health and Responsive Behaviour
LTC Non Clinical Zero Tolerance; Bill of Rights; Falls Prevention; Restraint Management eLearning
LTC Pain Management Clinical HRM
LTC Palliative Care
LTC Palliative Performance Scale
LTC Pleasurable Dining & Safe Feeding
LTC PSW & TR Zero Tolerance; Bill of Rights; Falls Prevention; Restraint Management eLearning
LTC Registered Staff Zero Tolerance; Bill of Rights; Falls Prevention; Restraint Management eLearning
LTC Safe Food Preparation


Manager LMS Training
Managing a Client or Resident After a Fall
Managing Clinical Innovation, Client Safety, Infection, Prevention & Control and Communications
Managing Our Health, Safety and Wellness
Managing our Information: Education, Library, Volunteers, Students and Leadership
Managing Our People: Employee Relations
Managing our People: Recruitment & Retention and Employee Relations
Managing Our Resources: Finance, Purchasing, Stores, Print Shop & Central Equipment
Managing Our Resources: Space, Planning and Nutrition Services & Management Tour of St. Joseph's Hospital
Medication Reconciliation for SJCG
Mental Health & Substance Use Series
Mental Health - Medium & High Support Housing
Mental Health Rehabilitation Program, Our Program Model & Philosophy of Care
Mental Health Theory & Restraint Training


Neurogenic Bladder & Bowel with Care Plan
New Employee Orientation eLearning
New Standards - CPR Training
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training
NRS Recertification
Nursing Preceptor Education Program
Nursing Skills Resource Package
Nurturing the Fire for Truth and Reconciliation within Health Care


OMHRS/RAI-MH Recertification
Omnicell Refresher
Opioid Overdose & Naloxone Administration
Outbreak Management
Outbreak Management for Non Direct Care Staff
Oxygen Therapy for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists
Oxygen Therapy for Rehabilitation Assistants


Peer Immunization
People With Disabilities
Personal Protective Equipment: Putting On and Taking Off
Pinel Restraints
PODS (Patient Oriented Discharge Summary)
Police Record Check Annual Declaration of Compliance
Preceptor Education Program (PEP) for Health Professionals and Students
Privacy: What You Need To Know


Radiation Safety
Rapid Antigen Testing
Rehab Intensity Education
Repairing the Sacred Circle


Safe Feeding Video
Safe Handling of Cytotoxic and Other Hazardous Drugs
Self Identification for First Nation, Inuit and Metis Clients
Senior Friendly Care Learning Series
Smoke Free Grounds at SJCG
Standard First Aid CPR/AED
Student: Omnicell for Nursing Students


Total Parenteral Nutrition


Universal Falls Precautions S.A.F.E.
Urinary Continence Algorithm Intervention
User Community


Ventilator Training


Wake the Giant
Web Content Management System
Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training
Wound Care Education


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