Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We may already have an answer for you in our SJCG Employee Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you a manager who needs to check your team members' compliance?  Check out our LMS Reporting Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you a student doing placement with St. Joseph's Care Group? Do you have questions about the LMS? Look in our Student Placement Frequently Asked Questions for answers.

Are you a medical learner attending a residency at St. Joseph's Care Group?  Find the information you need about required eLearning here in our Medical Learner eLearning Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you an employee looking for guidance completing your Performance Appraisal Form?  Check out our Employee Toolkit: How to Access the Performance Appraisal Form  and our Guide to Completing: Performance Appraisal Form and the Performance Appraisal Icon Descriptions.